Event Orders Best Practices

What is an Event Order?

An Event Order is an order of products intended for use at some kind of scheduled event, conference, or gathering. They also sometimes tend to be sent to the event venue or to the person organizing the event. These types of orders need special attention from our Support Team and our Sending Fulfillment Centers due to the time-sensitive nature of these Sends.

What isn’t an Event Order?

Orders that do not qualify for Event Order status are Sends going to specific individual recipients. These types of orders will not be prioritized in the same way Event Orders are prioritized in our Sending Fulfillment Centers. However, if you have an order that needs special attention, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for guidance.

General considerations:

In order to ensure a smooth shipping and delivery process, please take this information into consideration when preparing to place an order for an event:

  • Our Sending Fulfillment Centers tend to have longer processing times for larger orders
  • Place your order as soon as possible when preparing for an event
    • Our order processing times are 3 to 5 business days, but this does not take shipping times into account
    • For international orders, please leave extra time for any possible customs issues
  • We recommend choosing overnight or two-day shipping for these orders to compensate for any possible delays in processing
  • Be mindful of the destination - there are certain countries we cannot send to, some are considered high-risk, and some may require additional information. Please review this article for more information
  • Once you’ve placed the order, please contact Support to notify them of the nature of the order. Our Support team will ensure the Sending Fulfillment Center prioritizes these orders

Considerations for admin + manager users:

  • Check inventory levels of your products before placing orders. If there is insufficient inventory for the products contained in the order, this may delay fulfillment and shipping
  • We recommend ensuring the Event Order Touch allows for expedited shipping options if necessary, or allows the sender to choose the shipping method on the Touch Details page when the Touch is set up



If you have any questions about this process or any event or special orders you plan to Send, please feel free to contact our Support Team for assistance!

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