How are senders able to customize Address Confirmation emails?

As an admin or team manager, you have the ability to allow your senders to customize Address Confirmation emails in a variety of ways. It all depends on how you set up the Touch for that particular Send!

Now, when you create a Touch for a physical send, you will have the ability to allow Senders to choose the theme and to include a product name and photo in the Address Confirmation email to the recipient.

On the Touch Details page when you go to create or edit a Touch, you will see two new settings that will allow your senders to have some flexibility on how Address Confirmation emails display to recipients.

Additionally, all Senders will have the ability to add a custom message to Address Confirmation emails. This is not a setting that you can disable when creating a Touch, it is available for all Senders when they enable Address Confirmation.

Choose Email Theme

The first option is to either choose a universal email theme for the Send associated with that Touch or to allow the Sender to choose a theme. To allow the Sender to choose the theme, simply check the Allow sender to choose theme box.


To learn more about customizing email themes and landing pages, feel free to review this article.

Product Name and Photo

In addition to allowing the sender to choose the theme for the Address Confirmation email, you can also allow them to include or hide a product photo and name in that email.


By default for manual sends, this box will be checked, which means your Senders will be able to choose whether a product name and photo will appear in the Address Confirmation emails. If you uncheck this box, the product name and photo will by default be included in the Address Confirmation emails for that Send.

Adding a Custom Message

On the send page, senders will be able to add a custom message when they enable Address Confirmation. 


The Sender’s Experience

This is what the Sender will see if a Touch is set up to allow them to choose the email theme and to include the product photo and name:


Please note: If you uncheck the Allow sender to hide product name and photo, they will not be able to toggle the switch for that feature and a photo and name will be included in the email.


Q: If the Sender is sending a BYO Box or Preset Bundle to a recipient, which product will display on the Address Confirmation email and landing page?
A: For BYO Box Sends with multiple items included, the Address Confirmation email and Landing page will display the name and photo of the item with the highest monetary value. For Preset Bundles, the bundle name and photo will display in the email and on the landing page.

Q: What happens with triggered sends? Will photos and names be included in those emails?
A: Yes! If you’d like them to appear, then you’ll have the option to include or hide the product photo and name during the touch set-up process.

Q: Can I remove the ability for the Sender to add a custom message to the Address Confirmation emails?
A: At this time, Senders will always have the ability to add a custom message in the Address Confirmation email.

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