How do I change a Team's Funding Source?

If you need to update or change a Team's designated Funding Source, you'll want to do so from the Account Balance page in your Sendoso account. 

Once you're on the Account Balance page, you'll click on the User Spending Limit tab.


You'll then want to scroll down the page until you see the Group User Budget Limits section. Once you locate the Team you are wanting to update, you'll choose from the available options in the dropdown under the Funding Sources column.


Once you've selected the Funding Source you are wanting to update it to, the greyed out Save button will turn orange and allow you to Save. A confirmation pop-up message will appear informing you of your update and you can opt to reset each user's balance on the Team to $0.


After clicking Confirm, the page will reload and you'll see the following pop-up:


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