Tracking Sends as an Admin or Manager

The Send Tracker is a great place to monitor and track Sends from all of the users within your account. In the Send Tracker you can:

In this article, we'll take a look at this page and all the information that it contains. For an overview of this page, check out our Sendoso University course!

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Send Overview

At the top of the Send Tracker, you will see an overview of all Sends within your account.


Here, you'll be able to see how many Sends are awaiting address confirmation, how many orders are in the processing status, how many Sends have been delivered, and how many were canceled and/or refunded. 

You can click on each square to quickly filter the list to only show the Sends that fall under each category. 


To quickly filter your list based on Send type, click the All Sends arrow at the top and select what kind of Send you want to track.


This is a great way to get a snapshot of the overall health of your Sending strategy and the activity that is occurring on your account.

More Filtering Options

In addition to filtering the Send Tracker by the above statuses, you also have the ability to apply additional filters to further narrow down the list.

You can filter by Status:


You can filter by team:


You can filter by Touch:


You can filter by date range or custom date range:



With all of these filtering options, you will have a great way to view the information and data that you need to track the activity on your account. 

Downloading CSV

Once you filter your Send Tracker and have the ideal view ready, you can download a CSV file so that you can process this information in a way that suits your business needs.


Once you click the CSV download button, your email address will be the default email address that populates. You will have the ability to change that email address if you need to send it to someone else.

Please note: If you're attempting to get a CSV file for Sends from All Time, it may take several hours to process, especially if you have a lot of Sends. Plan accordingly!

The CSV file will include the following pieces of information:

  • Touch Name
  • Sender Name
  • Recipient Info
  • Send Type
  • Date Created
  • Current Status
  • Tracking details
  • Amazon Link
  • eGift Link
  • Sending Method (manual or triggered)
  • Salesforce Campaign Status and Activity
  • Total Product Cost

Tracking Physical Gifts

Once tracking information is available for physical gifts, your Send Tracker will update and provide you with a link to check the progress of the shipment. Simply click the See Tracking Info link. 


Clicking the link will allow you to see the tracking information for that particular send.


Viewing Send Activity for eGifts

In addition to seeing the current status of eGifts in the Send Tracker, you are also able to track the changes in statuses for eGifts

To look at an eGift's activity, simply click on the eyeball Screen_Shot_2022-07-19_at_1.14.19_PM.pngto the right of the eGift's row and click Activity Updates.


Taking Action on Sends with Issues

Also within the Send Tracker, you are now able to approve Sends that have issues and are on hold. Sends can be on hold for a number of reasons, but for processing Sends with issues, these holds occur due to insufficient funds, or a suspicious recipient email.

To review Sends with issues, click the Send Issues link next to All Sends at the top. 

Once you've had a chance to review these Sends, you'll be able to either Approve or Cancel them.


Please note that Sender users can only cancel Sends. As a Manager or Admin, you will be able to approve the Send. 

For more information on Send Issues, click here.

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