How Do I Add Sendoso to a HubSpot Workflow?

If you haven't already created a Sendoso touch to be triggered via HubSpot, go to our How Do I Create a HubSpot Touch? article first.

Now that you have obtained the unique Touch Key (or webhook URL) from the setup in Sendoso, we have to add it to a HubSpot workflow.

Sendoso can be added to any Contact Based Workflow in HubSpot.


Once you have determined your enrollment criteria, add the Sendoso step to the workflow. Choose the appropriate option based on your touch type. (If you are leveraging a webhook, continue past this part)


Once you have added the appropriate Sendoso step, add the touch key we copied from Sendoso, and then map the matching contact properties.


If you are using the webhook instead of the workflow extension, choose the Send a Webhook step. Then you are going to select POST as the method, paste in the URL from the touch setup, choose the authentication type, and finally enter in the App ID 188392.


That's it! You are ready to activate your workflow to automate sending with Sendoso via HubSpot!

Please Note - If you are using any enrollment trigger that will be public facing (ie. landing page with a form, CTA in email, etc) it is best practice to constrain your enrollment with an additional filter. Using static/active lists or constraining based on email addresses are two easy ways to help prevent fraudulent activity.

Want to add additional filters in Sendoso? See our article on Triggered Sending Approval.

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