How Do I Connect HubSpot to Sendoso?

Sendoso integrates directly into HubSpot to make sending even easier! Follow these steps to get your HubSpot instance connected to Sendoso:

To get started, log in to Sendoso.

Navigate to the Integrations page by selecting the "Integrations" link under the menu icon in the top-right corner (or click here to go directly to the Integrations page):


Find the HubSpot panel, and select View the Integration

Follow the steps to install the Chrome Extension by selecting Install it or by clicking here (this enables 1-1 sending from the Contact page in HubSpot)

After that, select the Sync HubSpot button on the righthand side of the screen. You'll be prompted to sign into HubSpot and authorize Sendoso


That's it! You have successfully connected HubSpot & Sendoso.

Ready to create a HubSpot triggered send? Check out our How Do I Create a HubSpot Touch? article. 

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