Who is Send Curation & What Do They Specialize In?

The Send Curation team creates and manages game-changing gifting that supports your company's strategic goals.

Your designated Send Curator will facilitate the process of bringing your ideated, custom direct mail sends to life - from deep discovery to curating options, and sharing a pitch deck of bundles with creative messaging.

We specialize in:

  • Creative ideas on what to send based on your target audience, campaign objectives, and goals.
  • Sourcing unique and custom products through incredible local partnered vendors.
  • Guidance on how to create a lasting impression through your direct mail campaign.
  • Providing insight into corporate gifting trends and local gift-giving customs and etiquette.
  • Project managing the sourcing of custom physical products and packaging materials.

Do you need to send gifts internationally? Work with our EU-based Send Curation team to create picture-perfect sends and the ultimate ‘WOW’ unboxing experience.

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