ActiveCampaign Setup


Sendoso integrates with ActiveCampaign CRM and ABM to allow you to send 1:1 to contacts within ActiveCampaign via the Sendoso Chrome Extension as well as adding the Sendoso CX app to your ActiveCampaign Automations.


Within Sendoso:

  1. Go to the Integrations page
  2. Enable ActiveCampaign
  3. Include your REST URL and API Key
  4. Test Sync
  5. Setup Default Mapping (Name and Email are required)

Within ActiveCampaign:

Triggered Sends:

  1. Install the Sendoso CX App from the ActiveCampaign app store
  2. Include the Sendoso CX App within an automation
  3. Sync a Sendoso account
  4. Decide which touch to send
  5. Map the proper fields for the trigger
  6. Push Automation live

1:1 Sends:

  1. Download and Install the Sendoso Chrome Extension
  2. Chrome Extension is now available on ActiveCampaign Contacts page
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