How do I create a Sendoso Choice Touch?

In this article, we'll go through how to create a Sendoso Choice Touch for eGifts.

First, navigate to your Touches tab in the app, and click +Create New Touch. Select Sendoso Choice and click Next Step.

Step 1 - eGift Selection

Here, you’ll be able to pick up to 10 eGift brands you want your recipient to choose from.

  1. Pick the country that you want the eGift for and then select the price.

  2. If you know what price point you want the eGift to be, select it now. Note: you can always browse all the eGift options before selecting an amount and all denominations will be displayed under the Egift cards.

  3. Pick up to 10 eGifts for your recipient to select from.

If you’ve chosen eGift cards before selecting your price and then choose a price that is not shared across all selected eGift brands, we’ll let you know! You will have the option to choose a different amount or continue.


If you have a specific eGift brand in mind, use the search bar to find the eGift you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure of the brand but have an idea of what you’d like to send, use the Categories to see more options.

Once you’ve selected your eGift cards, you’ll see them populated on the right-hand side. If you’ve made a mistake, simply click on the trash icon to remove or de-select the brand.


Step 2 - Touch Details & Settings

Here, you’ll enter the touch details. These details are critical to how your senders are able to know what is included and when to use it, as well as how the eGift is sent out to the recipient.



The touch name will be how you and your senders refer to this touch. If you want to add in more detail or guidance on when to use it, fill out the touch description to help your senders!

Next up, select the start and end date for the touch. These are the dates that your senders will be able to actually send this touch. If you want your senders to always be able to use this touch, you don’t need to update the expiration date.

Offer Expires for Recipient in Days is how many days the recipient has to accept their eGift offer. 30 days is the most common, but you have the ability to select up to 90 days.
*More info on how eGifts expire

Next, select how you want the eGift to be sent. You have both Manualand Automatedto choose from.


Senders have to manually select and send the eGift out to the recipient. Senders have the ability to send through the Sendoso app or our Chrome extension.


You’ll be required to pick how the eGift will be charged - the sender’s balance or a specific funding source.



Additionally, you’ll be required to assign this touch. Make sure to only assign teams and/or specific members that should be able to access this touch.

If you want to apply Send Limits, you’re able to do so here. Send Limits are where you can decide how many times a sender can send this out and the period of time those limits would apply.


There are additional options in the Optional settings section like defining visibility of the touch based on Salesforce criteria or adding Salesforce campaign tracking.




You’ll be required to select how the charging will work on the sends - sender’s balance or a specific funding source.


Next up, select how you want the integration to be triggered by setting up the integration source. If you’d like, you’re able to add Salesforce Campaign tracking as well. We offer 5 integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, Hubspot & Eloqua.


There is an additional option in the Optional settings section for adding Salesforce campaign tracking. For more information about how to set up Salesforce tracking, click here.



Step 3 - Customizing your email template

First, you’ll select how you want your senders to send the eGift - email or shareable link. If you’re not sure, allowing the sender to choose is always a good option!



Next, you can customize the email subject and message. If you want the sender to have free range to make the body of the email personalized, you can select the ‘Allow sender to edit email message’ checkbox.

Additionally, if you would like the sender to be able to choose the email theme, make sure to select the "Allow sender to choose email theme" box. Otherwise, select the appropriate theme for the email in the drop-down.


The banner and colors on the landing page will align with your Brand Customization settings.


Summary & Activation

On the summary page, you’ll see all the selections you’ve made up until this point. If you want to make an edit to a section, simply click on the +​ icon to maximize and click edit.

When you are done making the edit, simply select ​Updateat the bottom right of your screen.

When you’re satisfied with the touch details, simply click on Activate​ to enable your senders to start using this touch immediately!



Other Helpful Guidance:

  1. You can move forward and back using the button on the bottom right.

  2. At any point, you can exit out of the flow using the X in the top right corner. You’ll have the option to save your work as a draft or close without saving.

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