Sending Through Gmail

Feature Overview

The Sendoso Chrome Extension now works with Gmail! Hit the "Sendoso" button when composing an email or from the Gmail toolbar to send a gift when you reach out to a new prospect or follow up after a meeting!


How it Works

Sendoso can be accessed in the compose window of a new message or reply within Gmail:



When selecting an eGift, the Gmail integration will automatically embed the eGift redemption link into your email. When sending a physical gift, you will have to provide an address for the recipient.

Example Use Cases

Reaching out to a prospect to schedule a meeting? Sweeten the deal with a coffee eGift that requires them to book a meeting before they can redeem it.

Following up with a customer during onboarding? Send them the new customer swag bomb with a "Welcome Aboard" email.


  • Will this work for my Gmail account in (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)?
    • The Sendoso Sending through Gmail feature extends our Chrome extension and will only be available for the Gmail web interface on a Chrome browser.
  • What types of Gifts can I send via Gmail?
    • At the moment, Gmail sending will only support sending for non-Sendoso Choice, generated eGift links. Support for embedding a Sendoso Choice link and address confirmation link for physical sends will be available shortly after launch.
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