Triggering a Multiple Choice Gifting Program in HubSpot

Want to give your recipients the power to choose their own physical gift? Sendoso provides you with so many different options to send your target accounts, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one option, but what if you didn’t have to?

By using an advanced workflow in HubSpot and the Sendoso integration, you can give your recipients the option to choose which item they’d like to receive! This is an easy set-up for you and a great experience for your prospects and customers.

Note: Complete the Sendoso integration with HubSpot first via the steps here:
Integrating Sendoso with HubSpot Guide and Troubleshooting

Step 1: Build the touches in Sendoso
Get started by creating your touches in Sendoso to trigger via HubSpot. Since you’ll be triggering off a form submission in HubSpot, we recommend using the webhook in HubSpot to trigger the Sendoso touch. Copy the webhook URL and App ID for each touch. Note which details apply to which touch. Create as many as you’d like (at least 2-4 is recommended).

Step 2: Create a ‘Gift Selection’ contact property in HubSpot
Your recipient is going to choose their gift via a form submission, so you’ll need a contact property in HubSpot that you can place into your form. Create a contact property with multiple checkboxes so your contact can select their gift in your form. Each checkbox should be the touch you’ve created in Sendoso.

Step 3: Build your form
Once you’ve built out your gift selection contact property, insert it into your form. Since you’re going to be sending the recipient a physical gift, you should also include fields for their address information, either mapped to their standard address fields or custom fields. When you add the gift selection field to the form, it will automatically include the checkboxes for the gift options, and you can set it so the recipient can only select one.

Note: You can set up a personal address confirmation strategy via the steps here:
Address Confirmation via HubSpot

Step 4: Build out your Workflow
Build out your workflow in HubSpot to be triggered based on the form submission and any other criteria you may want. In your workflow, you’ll want to include an if/then branch where it will create branches based on the gift being selected. Once you've built out your if/then branch, add 'Trigger Webhook' as the action for each branch. Paste in your webhook URL and App ID for each touch in its own branch.

Things to Consider with This Type of Program
Make your intention very clear with address information: Messaging is very important to the recipient with this type of program. Some recipients may feel uncomfortable providing their personal address information. To ensure the most success and response for this program, make it clear to the recipient that you will not store their personal data after their gift has shipped/delivered.

Delete the personal data if you want: Once the gift has been delivered, you can delete this data in HubSpot by creating another workflow that clears out the data based on the status of your gift send. This creates trust with the recipient and ensures future sends don’t get sent to the wrong address.

Keep it going: You can replicate this strategy for a number of send types - eGift, physical, multiple choice, etc. - just by using this type of workflow.

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