Estimating The Cost Of Sends


Sendoso has a feature that allows senders to calculate the estimated cost of a send before they initiate a send. This gives users more visibility into how much they might be spending on a send which will help them make more informed decisions on which sends they want to spend their budgets on.

It is important to note that this is not the final cost of the send, there will still be an adjustment amount applied after the order has shipped in case there have been any changes applied to the order.

What does it calculate?

It will calculate the standard costs associated with inventoried sends such as:

  • Product costs - If your send contains a product with a monetary value assigned to it such as wine/champagne.
  • Notecard costs - Service charge for printing or writing a note with your order. 
  • Pick and pack - Service charge for gathering and assembling all of the items for your send.
  • Packaging - The cost of standard boxes 
  • Shipping - The cost of actually shipping out the order from the Sendoso warehouse

Note: These line items will only show if there is an applicable cost, so there is a chance that you will not see “product costs” or “notecard costs” for any given send.

Where can I use it?

The quoting calculator will be enabled for 1:1 sending on the web application and the chrome extension for inventoried send options from the Phoenix warehouse. 



Q: Will this be the final cost of the send?

A: This is still just an estimate of the send, this is meant to give users a more accurate picture of what their final cost may end up being. 

The costs are still subject to change if there are any changes made to the order between when it was placed and when it was shipped. The final adjustments will still be applied after the shipping label has been printed.

Q: Will this work for CSV sends? 

A: No this will only work for 1:1 sending from the web app or chrome extension.

Q: Will this calculate the cost for Amazon sends? 

A: Not at the moment, this will be included in a future release.

Q: How will this work with address confirmation? 

A: The nature of address confirmation makes it difficult to accurately predict shipping costs because it is subject to change. The quoting calculator will only generate an estimate based on the initial address provided.

Q: What touches will this option be enabled for?

A: You will be able to generate a quote for most 1:1 physical sends initiated from the Phoenix warehouse. This will not be available for 1:1 physical sends from other warehouses and will not calculate prices for Sendoso Direct orders.

Q: What will the breakdown look like?

A: The user will be able to see the costs for the following fields (if applicable): product cost, notecard cost, pick and pack fees, packaging costs, and shipping costs.

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