Bombora Integration

In Bombora:

In Salesforce:

  • Campaigns > Create New
  • Campaign Name
    • Best practice is to name it “Sendoso-Bombora (Item or Purpose)” - for example, Sendoso-Bombora Q4-2020 Cupcakes
  • Active Checkbox - Checked
  • Type: Direct Mail (or Sendoso/applicable campaign type) 
  • Status: In progress > Save Campaign
  • Advanced Setup > Edit Campaign Member Statuses (Processing, Shipped, Delivered, Undeliverable) > Save
  • Use Bombora data to populate the Salesforce campaign!

In Sendoso:

  • Go to touches page:
  • Create New Touch
  • Choose Send Type>Items to Send>Next Step
  • Enter Touch Name>Set Touch Type to “Triggered”>Choose Funding Source>Next Step
  • Choose Bombora>Next
  • Setup Trigger>Trigger Based On “Member added to Salesforce Campaign”>Choose Campaign>Next
  • Map Recipient Address Information for Leads and/or Contacts>Next
  • Edit Template with Custom Message (Set up note that goes out with package)>Save
  • Choose who will receive Send/Delivery Confirmations and Error Alerts>Next
  • Choose the Campaign we want to track status updates/ROI tracking to (Same as trigger campaign) and map statuses
  • Additional Salesforce Tracking>Map Total $ Spent on Campaign to Campaign Object - Actual Cost in Campaign>Next Step
  • Finish touch creation

Happy Sending!

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