Require a Meeting Before Sending

Add a step to your eGift sends that requires recipients to schedule time with you before their eGift can be redeemed. Meetings can be scheduled through Salesloft, Calendly, Chili Piper, Groove and Hubspot.


How do I use it?

At time of sending an eGift or Sendoso Choice, when you choose the touch you’d like to send and how you would like to send it, you will see a new option appear:
“Require recipients to schedule a meeting to redeem the gift.”


If this box is checked, Sendoso will open a new prompt requiring the sender to enter their Calendly,  Chili Piper, Groove or Hubspot link. The remainder of the send flow will execute normally.


What will the recipient receive?

Depending on the options selected at time of send, the recipient experience will differ.  If the sender is sending a “Generated Link” and including it in their own communication, the recipient will be sent directly to the landing page where they will be asked to schedule a meeting as seen below:


They will be prompted to book a meeting and when the meeting is set, they will be taken to a page to redeem the gift.  If the gift is an eGift, they will be able to redeem immediately.




How can I track success?

There is a new section in analytics specifically for tracking meetings scheduled with this feature enabled.  Navigate to and check it out. Here you will be able to see your full organization’s success when sending out with this feature, as well as break it down by team or individual and view your top meeting schedulers. 





Q: What scheduling tools does this feature work with?

A: Salesloft, Calendly, Chili Piper, Groove and Hubspot currently.


Q: Does this feature also work with a free version of Calendly?

A: Yes.


Q: Are there any eGifts that are not eligible for this feature?

A: No, this works with ALL eGifts, including Sendoso Choice options.


Q: When does the Sender pay for the eGift?

A: The Sender is charged once the meeting scheduler email is sent. They will be refunded if the email is not opened. 

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