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Sendoso works with Salesforce to show you the value of sends that are executed in the Sendoso platform.  In order to maximize Sendoso reporting, each touch should be synced with a Salesforce (SFDC) campaign.  For best practices, please read here.

How does the dashboard work?

Sendoso reads data from Salesforce campaigns, by default the “Total Value of Opportunities” field on campaigns and the “Total Value of Closed Won Opportunities” to check the success of each campaign/touch. 

What if my reporting structure doesn’t use the Salesforce default fields?

In the top right corner, there is a “Settings” button.  Click this button and choose the two fields on the campaign object that you use to measure attribution of your various marketing campaigns.


What if my dashboard doesn’t have any data?

There are a few options here:

  • Sendoso is not mapped to the correct campaign fields. (See above)
  • Your Sendoso touches do not have campaigns mapped to them. Read details on setting up campaigns for touches here.
  • Your Salesforce campaign structure is not set up to measure attribution. Read details on setting it up here.

How do I use the Salesforce Dashboard?

In order to view the Salesforce Dashboard, navigate to

The Dashboard is broken into a few panels with several options within each:

  • Total Opportunity Value

On the top left, you can view the top 5 campaigns in pipeline generation.  On the top right side of this panel, you can swap to your 5 most recent campaigns.


  • Total Closed Won Value

On the top right, you can view the top 5 campaigns in closed won revenue.  On the top right side of this panel, you can swap to your 5 most recent campaigns.


  • ROI Display

On the bottom left, you can view the ROI of individual campaigns.  Select a specific campaign and fetch the total cost you’ve spent in Sendoso, the total opportunity value, and the closed won value.  On the right side, you can see a ROI calculation based on Closed Won Value divided by Total Spent.  You can also download a report, which will pull a CSV containing data on all Sendoso associated campaigns. 


Need something more comprehensive?

On the bottom right, you can click a button to reach out to our Solutions Architect team who is always available to assist with setting up custom Salesforce dashboards. 

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