1. How can I make sure my orders are written on custom notecards?
    As long as you’ve selected your custom notecard in the touch, all orders placed will be written on custom notecards moving forward. If you have not selected a custom notecard, handwritten notes will be on plain cards. 

  2. Can I get same-day shipping for orders with handwritten notes? 
    Currently, we are not able to expedite orders with handwritten notes due to the labor involved in writing them. If an order is placed with an expedited shipping method (i.e. next day or 2-day shipping), we will do our best to get these orders out the following business day.

  3. How can I add custom notecards to my inventory? 
    If you already have notecards created, you can follow the same process you usually do to send inventory to our warehouse by creating a ship notice. Additionally, you can reach out to your CSM to connect you with our Project Management team to help you source. 
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