Custom Notecards FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about custom notecards. For information about Print On Demand items, click here

What are custom notecards?

Custom notecards are cards that you set up in your inventory that can be added to Touches for sending. These are stationery items that you will either have to send to the Sending Fulfillment Center (SFC) or order through the Custom Brand Shop. These cards will then be available to add to Touches for handwritten notes.

What are the differences between custom notecards and Print on Demand (POD?)

POD is a printed insert. When setting up a Touch, the POD item will be a product you have to select from your list of inventory items.

Custom notecards are added to a Touch through a drop-down option when creating the Touch.


Custom notecard messages can be personalized at the time the Send is initiated. 

How can I add custom notecards to my inventory? 
If you already have notecards created, you can follow the same process you usually do to send inventory to our warehouse by creating a Ship Notice. Additionally, you can reach out to your CSM to connect you with our team to help you source. 

How do I add a custom notecard to a Touch?

You can add custom notecards to these types of Touches:

  • Handwritten notes
  • BYO Box
  • Single Item*
  • Amazon

Once you select the type of Touch you'd like to create, you'll be able to choose which custom notecard to add to the Touch. This is what it looks like for an Amazon Touch:


*If your single-item Touch contains a separate item from your inventory, you will not be able to add the custom notecard to that Touch. Your single-item Touch will have to be just the notecard.

How can I make sure my orders are written on custom notecards?
As long as you’ve selected your custom notecard in the Touch, all orders placed will be written on custom notecards moving forward. If you have not selected a custom notecard, handwritten notes will be on plain cards. 

Can I get same-day shipping for orders with handwritten notes? 
Currently, we are not able to expedite orders with handwritten notes due to the labor involved in writing them. If an order is placed with an expedited shipping method (i.e. next-day or 2-day shipping), we will do our best to get these orders out the following business day.

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