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Here’s a comprehensive list of all the statuses that are related to eGift sends. These statuses will appear in the Send Tracker and Analytics section of your Sendoso account.

  • Sent: When the eGift offer is initiated. The recipient has not opened the email at this point. 

  • Opened: When an eGift offer email is viewed by the recipient. The recipient has not selected their eGift at this point.

  • Clicked/Redeemed: When an eGift offer link is clicked. The eGift redemption page is displayed to the recipient but they have not confirmed their email address to receive the eGift code. Once the email has been verified, the eGift is now considered Redeemed. 

  • Used: When an eGift is selected and the recipient has received their eGift code. Note that this does not indicate when the user actually used the eGift, only that they generated the code.

  • Expired: When an eGift offer is no longer available to redeem. If the recipient opens the eGift while the offer is still available, they will have 90 days from the send date to select their eGift before it expires. 
  • Expired and Credited: If the eGift was never opened and still in Sent status by the date the eGift offer expires, we will credit the funding source as soon as it expires. This status is also used for emails that are bounced. 

When an eGift offer is sent, the amount of time the user has to accept the offer depends on the type of touch created. 

Sendoso Choice

When setting up a touch, users will have the ability to customize how long the eGift offer is available to accept, up to 90 days. Two days before the expiration date, if the email is still in unopened (SENT status), a reminder email will be sent out to inform them that their offer is about to expire.

If the email is opened while the offer is still active, the recipient will have 90 days from the initial send date to receive their eGift code before it is no longer available to them.

Example: If an eGift offer is valid for 30 days, the recipient would get the email on October 1, 2020 and need to open the email by October 30th. If unopened, the offer would expire on October 31st. If the recipient opened the email on or before October 30th, they would have December 30th, 2020.

eGift Verification Process

Recipients will need to go through a verification process in order to access their eGift redemption code. They will be prompted to enter the email address or phone number that is associated with the offer. 


Once the information is verified, they are sent an email with a link to their eGift redemption code. 

The redemption link is active for a limited time, so if the recipient revisits the link at a later time they may be prompted to re-verify. 





How Credits & Charges Work


Generated Links through Sendoso

We strongly recommend confirming your recipient's email address before generating eGift links. 

Links generated through Sendoso and sent to recipients through your email cannot be fully tracked by the Sendoso system. Since these generated links are not sent to recipients through the Sendoso system, we only register eGift activity after the link is clicked.

If your email to the recipient bounces, we will have no record of that and therefore will be unable to credit that eGift amount back to your account.

Feel free to review this article for more information about generated links.

Generated Links and Integrations

For any generated links or offers triggered by integrations, you won’t get full visibility on all the statuses. Instead, you’ll see when the email has been sent, clicked, and used. The timeframe in which the offers expire will be the same as your selected offer, Sendoso Choice or eGift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if my email bounces?
If an email bounces, the link will expire and the money will be credited back to the original funding source.

Please note that this only applies to eGifts sent through the Sendoso platform. For generated eGift links, we are unable to credit your account for bounced emails as Sendoso has no way of tracking those. We strongly recommend confirming your recipient's email address before generating eGift links. 

If an eGift offer expires, can the recipient still redeem it?
Once an eGift offer has expired, the recipient will not be able to redeem it. They will see a landing page that says the offer has expired and to reach out to the sender if they have any questions. 

Can you cancel an eGift offer?
At this time, you are not able to cancel an eGift offer once it has been sent due to the eGift offer being sent immediately.

How does this apply to Sendoso Experiences? 
Sendoso Experiences follow the same timeline as standard eGifts.

Will I be charged additional amounts when sending an eGift?

No, Sedoso will charge you only the cost of the eGift. For example, if you would like to send a $25 eGift, it will cost you only $25. The full $25 would be redeemable by your recipient. 

How do I know that my recipient has opened the eGift offer?
Once a recipient opens the eGift offer email, you'll be notified that they have received and opened the email. 


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