The Analytics page provides metrics in an easily digestible dashboard view and displays the most important information needed to monitor sending activity. In addition, the Analytics page also provides detailed source data that can be easily exported for download.

View both send and spend details in easy-to-view charts and drill down into each chart for a summary in a table view.

This feature is not available for Sendoso Express customers. 

For full access to this page, users have to be Admin or Manager users. For more information about roles and permissions, click here

By Send: 

The By Send tab will allow you to view the following: 

  • Sends by Team comparison
  • Sends by Status
  • Touch Activity
  • Sender Activity


By Spend: 

The By Spend tab allows you to view the following: 

  • Spend by Team comparison

  • Spending By Status

  • Touch Spending Activity

  • Sender Activity


You are also able to filter by date:


And by team:


Additionally, you can also export a .csv for your offline reporting needs:

  • First tab to display table view summary

  • The second tab displays individual send/touch details


For some of these reports, you can also customize your view via filters:

  • Landing page: Global data filter and local filters at the graph level

  • Detailed page: Global filters (date, teams, send types)


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