How do I send an eGift Offer via Email?

Sending eGift offers is a great instant gifting option. You can send the recipient a specific eGift offer or an eGift for coffee, lunch, wine, or experiences which lets them decide which eGift offer to choose from within the category you selected. Sendoso offers over 200+ options from Starbucks to Chipotle to Amazon and many others. 

For training and additional resources on Sendoso Choice sending, check out these Sendoso University courses and this webinar!

Once your Touch is set up, your new eGift should be available in the "Send" section of Sendoso.


To send to one recipient via email, you need to select "To a single Email address."

Screenshot_2022-08-24_at_09.34.14.png(Note - the email header can be replaced with your own company logo or custom image when creating your template.)

After pressing "Send", the recipient will get an email that looks like this if they sent out a single send:


Once they select the eGift voucher they want, the recipient will confirm their email address for security purposes. 



Once the email is verified, the user will receive a separate email that includes the eGift’s redemption code. This email allows the recipient to have a record of the eGift for reference.



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