How can I monitor my sends using Sendoso's Send Tracker?

You can now easily track your sends using Sendoso's Send Tracker! When you click the Send Tracker tab in the navigation bar, you will be taken to an overview page that includes all of your sends. For Manager or Admin users, you can track all Sends made by your assigned team. 

You can use the drop-down filters at the top to filter the list by specific criteria. To filter the view by Touch, click the All Touches button at the top. In the pop-up window, you can uncheck the 'Select All Touches' option and search by Touch name or Touch ID. Once you've selected all of the Touches you want to view, click the 'Apply Filter' button. 


Next, if you'd like to filter by date submitted, click the 'Last 7 Days' button. You can use one of the quick filters available on the drop-down menu or select a custom option. If you select the Custom option, you'll receive a pop-up window where you can specify the date range. 

Screen_Shot_2020-06-16_at_11.27.34_AM.png Once you've entered the time frame you'd like to view, click the 'Apply Dates' button. 

If you are a Manager or Admin user, you'll have an additional option to filter by Team Members. 


For each tracker view, you can also filter by status. If you'd like to track a package after it's been shipped, click on the 'See Tracking Info' link. This will take you to the carrier's site, where you can view the tracking details in real-time. For more about Send statuses, click here.


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