Introducing Sendoso's Send Tracker, a feature within the platform that lets you track all of your sends and your team's sends in one place. 

Key Benefits

  • A high-level, visual summary of where your sends are in the sending process
  • Filters for package status, recipient name, email address, sender name, and more
  • In-app notifications when a package has been delivered or an eGift has been used
    • Manager and Admin users will receive notifications for their sends and for the sends they have visibility on
    • Sender users will receive notifications for their individual sends only

To access the Send Tracker, simply click Send Tracker at the top of any page of Sendoso.


When you click on this tab, you will land in the All Sends view. This view shows all of your sends and all of your assigned team's sends.

NOTE: Manager and Admin users will see sends from all teams and members. You can filter the view by team or member by clicking on the All Teams filter in the upper right-hand corner. Sender users will only see their sends.


If you'd like to drill into more specific types of sends like Amazon or eGifts, you can use the drop-down filter at the top to select the specific view you'd like to see. 


You have 4 main filters at the top where you can:

1. Filter by status


2. Filter by team or individual


3. Filter by Touch Name or Touch ID


4. Filter by Date with one of the quick filters available in the drop-down or enter a custom date range. 



For each tracker view, you can filter statuses by clicking on one of the main boxes.


If you'd like to track your package after it's shipped, you can click on the "See Tracking Info" hyperlink and it will take you to the carrier's webpage so you can track the package in real-time. 



Drill into each send to view or action the following: 

  • If Address Confirmation was disabled/enabled 
  • The generated Address Confirmation link to copy
  • The generated eGift link to copy
  • Cancel the send
  • Salesforce campaign info
  • Testing Mode on or off

Click on the eye icon to see more details about the send: 


A popup will appear with more details for your review. Here you can copy links and cancel the send (if physical) if you need to:  Screen_Shot_2020-10-13_at_12.06.38_PM.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will archived and deleted touches appear in Send Tracker?

A: Yes, you will still be able to track sends where the touch has been archived or deleted. This way, you will always see historically what has been sent out even if the touch is no longer active. 

Q: Will sends appear in the Send Tracker if sent in Testing Mode?

A: Yes, it will still appear and you can drill into a send to see if testing mode is on or off 

Q: What visibility does each role have in the Send Tracker?

A: The Manager and Admin users will see sends from all teams and all members, depending on their permissions. Sender Users will only see their own sends.


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