Outreach eGift URL trigger and troubleshooting


Setup Process

Sendoso has added the ability to use Dynamic Outreach eGift links! 


In Sendoso - 

1. Navigate to https://app.sendoso.com/touches

2. Create a new touch of eGift type and select "Triggered via Integration" on the Touch Type Selection. 


Note: You must specify which Funding Source to pull from. 'Senders Balance' is not available for Triggered Touches. 

3. Select Outreach as the integration, and copy the URL. Finish touch creation. 


In Outreach - 

1. Navigate to https://app2a.outreach.io/templates

2. Set up your email messaging and highlight the text you'd like to insert your link to be clicked on. 


3. Send the template out on a one-off basis or as part of a sequence! 

* For this link to work properly it must be sent out from Outreach with an active Sendoso integration, check your integration here: https://accounts.outreach.io/apps/sendoso *



Q: When the email is sent to the recipient, they click on that link and do they have to validate their email address in some way?
A: The email address is validated at the time of send from Outreach

Q: When the recipient opens/redeems etc. do those statuses get pushed back to the recipients contact record in Outreach like it does for physical sends? Are they also getting pushed back to platform?
A: Those statuses should get pushed back to the prospect's record in Outreach, Salesforce, andinto Sendoso analytics. 

Q: How are we making sure it doesn’t get abused and used by 1000s of people? I.E. if the link gets exposed to one recipient, can anyone then redeem an egift or is there a limit/requirement before doing so.
A: Every time an email is sent from Outreach that contains an app.sendoso.com link they push a webhook to us, we are using that webhook to add that email address to a list of approved recipients. If this link isn't sent via Outreach it can not be redeemed.


If the following error 'Invalid URL!' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  • The touch must be active

If the following error 'Email is not verified' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  • The recipient is a valid recipient in Outreach
  • Egift URL must be hyperlinked in the template or sequence
  • Link is sent through a live send through Outreach, not a test email, and not through any other method.
  • The URL cannot have any augmentation. Any changes will result in no send activity and inactive eGift links for your recipients.
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