Setting up OneLogin SSO

This guide is to set up SSO through OneLogin into Sendoso. Once you have completed the OneLogin setup, please contact support to complete the setup by choosing SSO and Complete Set Up on your Support Request.

  • Log in to the OneLogin Dashboard, and click Apps > Add Apps.
  • Search for SAML, and select SAML Test Connector (IdP w/attr).
  • When prompted, change the Display Name of your app. Click SAVE.
  • Go to the SSO tab, and copy the values for SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) and SLO Endpoint (HTTP). Click on the View Details link at the X.509 Certificate field.
  • Download the X.509 certificate onelogin.pem.

Once these steps are complete - please provide the X509 certificate, Signin URL, and Sign Out URL in a support ticket to the Sendoso support team and they will assist with finishing connection setup.  

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