We have included two different options for sending wine via the Sendoso Direct section in-product. One is available via Sendoso Direct (see 'Wine' button) and the other is available via our Union City warehouse (see 'Wine + Custom Options' button). The differences are listed below.

Sending via Sendoso Direct

These options can be sent via Sendoso through a third party. The price listed is the all-in cost, inclusive of shipping, and a printed note. They are sent as is and no other item(s) can be included.


Sending via the Union City Warehouse

We have numerous wine offerings on-demand for you to use from our Union City, California warehouse. Selecting this option allows you to include any other items from your Union City inventory such as custom packaging tape, datasheets, handwritten notes, and more. The price listed is for the bottle of wine only and does not include pick & pack, shipping, or any additional items. Wine from the warehouse can only be shipped via FedEx ground.  


See a full list of wine option below:





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