How do I send via Amazon?

You can order an item off of Amazon and have it shipped directly to our warehouse to have it repackaged with a handwritten note and sent to your desired recipient. You have the option to include items you have in stock at the warehouse, like custom packaging tape, stickers, swag, and more. 


First, you need to set up a Buy/Send via Amazon Touch and download the Sendoso Chrome Extension. Next, you'll select the Send Amazon option on the Send page in your Sendoso account and click the Go To Amazon link.

Once you find the item you would like to send, you'll click the Sendoso icon or the [Sendoso] Buy/Send via Amazon button on the product page. This will provide you with a list of Amazon Touches that have been set up.

Note: it will only display Touches within the budget that was designated; if all available touches are out of budget, an error message will be displayed. 

Once you select which Amazon Touch to use, you'll enter the recipient's information, add a note, and review a breakdown of estimated costs. You can also have the recipient confirm their address before submitting your order.


After the order is submitted, it will be processed and sent to Sendoso's Warehouse. After the Warehouse team received the Amazon package, we'll repackage the item and add the custom note before shipping it out to the recipient. 

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