Driving Webinar Attendance with Sendoso Choice and Marketo Engage

An awesome way to increase webinar attendance with Sendoso is to reward your guests who attend the webinar or send a warm reminder a few hours before the event.  Sendoso can help automate this process. 

Before you get started - you'll need to complete the Sendoso/Marketo Engage integration.  

From the Sendoso side: 

  • Navigate to https://app.sendoso.com/touches > Create New Touch
  • Choose the touch type you'd like to send (Sendoso Choice) > Next Step
  • Name the touch and choose the number of choices you'd like to offer (2 or 4)>Next Step
  • Choose the eGift amount and select the cards you'd like to use > Next Step (here's an example of a popular and successful send): 


  • Change the "Touch Type" to Triggered Sending Based on Integration > Select your Funding Source > Set Offer Expiration Time Frame > Next Step
  • On the next page, you are presented with two options, you can either choose "Egift URL" and take the Dynamic URL and add it to an email template in the Design Studio in Marketo Engage or trigger based on a Marketo Engage Webhook. 
    • Egift URL gives you the option to add to an already existing template you may have in Marketo Engage, but tracking is provided back to Salesforce and only marked Clicked/Used.
    • Marketo Engage Webhook eases the sending process and just tasks Sendoso with completing the send and sending the email. Tracking is provided back to Marketo Engage when an egift is sent/clicked/opened/used. 
  • In this guide, we'll use a Webhook Based Send:
    • Make sure Client ID/Client Secret/Base URL is added.
    • Copy the Sendoso Touch ID>Next Step
    • Choose who to notify when an egift trigger>sends/delivers>error alerts>Next Step
    • Select the Marketo Channel Type>Select Marketo Program>Map Member Status>Next Step


*Want to track Choice made on your Sendoso Choice? Create a "Gift Choice" field in Marketo Engage and we can push the selection made back to the lead profile under Additional Marketo Engage Tracking!*

  • Next, we will design the email that goes out with the Choice options:
    • Choose your Colors
    • Upload a logo (620x86px requirement) 
    • Choose the subject/body for your email using Marketo Engage field variables
    • View a Live Preview by hitting the Preview button in top right corner>Next Step>Finish Touch


From the Marketo Engage Side:

  • Set up a Smart Campaign to use as the trigger for the Sendoso Webhook
  • Choose how you will populate your Smart List or how you will tell Sendoso who to send to - (a common one is using a program status change to Registered)


  • Create the Flow to trigger the Sendoso Webhook
    • Add a Change Data Value step
      • Attribute: Sendoso Touch ID
      • New Value: the touch ID we acquired during touch creation
    • Add a Wait step
      • Set the date as the morning of your Virtual Webinar
    • Add a "Call Webhook" step
      • Call the Sendoso Webhook


  • Select the Schedule tab and set the Campaign Status to active by clicking the "Activate" button, allowing each person to only run through the campaign flow once.

This will serve as a warm reminder to drive Webinar Attendance.  Happy Sending!   

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