How do I Use Address Confirmation?

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How Does it work?

Recipient Experience

Generating a Link for Address Confirmation

Retrieving Address Confirmation Links

No Address Required Confirmation



What is it?

Address confirmation is a way to reach your customers who are working from home or out of the office. This feature allows recipients to confirm their address and gives them the option to update the address within 2-7 business days before it gets processed.

How does it work?

This feature is enabled for all customers and all senders by default and can be enabled for any physical inventoried and Sendoso direct sends on, or any sending option enabled through the Chrome App (Salesforce, Amazon, Salesloft, etc..). 

All you need to do is select I Have Recipient's Address and click to enable the option:


Next, you'll select whether to send or cancel based on the response:


Option #1 (Default) - You can choose to cancel the order if the recipient does not confirm their address. This option is recommended if you know that the recipient is likely working from home or you are unsure if you have the right address.

Depending on the recipient's response, you will either get one of the following notifications: 



Option #2 - You can choose to continue sending your package to the originally provided address even if the recipient does not confirm their address. This option is recommended if you are fairly confident that the address you have on file is where the recipient will be able to retrieve the package.

Note: You will only receive a notification if the recipient confirms their address if they don't then you won't receive any additional notifications that the address wasn't confirmed.

Once you've selected the method of how you would like to send Address Confirmation, you will then be prompted to select how long you wish the offer to remain active, you can choose from 2 - 7 business days:


You will be able to select between 2-7 business days, the expiration dates are also listed for your convenience.

Once you click "Send" Sendoso will:

1. Queue up your order.

2. Place your order on pause for 2 business days while we await the recipient's reply.

3. Email the recipient (using the recipient's email address provided) with the call to action to confirm their address.

4. If the recipient confirms or updates their address, Sendoso will automatically process the order.

5. Email the sender if the recipient confirms their address OR email the sender if their order was canceled due to a lack of confirmation.

Recipient Experience:

Here's a sample of the email your recipient will receive:

Subject Line: "Confirm your address with [Sender Name] from [Company Name]"


Landing Page: Change address:


Once they confirm, the order will automatically get moved to a processing status and will be prepared by the Sendoso fulfillment team.

If they don't update or confirm their address, then Sendoso will email them a reminder 24 hours before the offer is set to expire. Note, reminder emails will only be sent if the Sendoso method was selected, not for generated links. 



Generating a Link for Address Confirmation

You can choose to have Sendoso send an address confirmation to the recipient on your behalf, or you can opt to generate a link for you to use in your own outreach. 

To initiate a generated link, you will simply choose the option to “Provide a generated link for me to send on my own.” and click “Send”.


If sending to an individual, you’ll see the generated link in the success pop up modal:


In addition to having the link in the pop-up modal, you’ll also receive an email with the link and will be able to retrieve the link and see the expiration date/time at any point in analytics.

When generating Address Confirmation links in bulk via CSV upload, you will receive an email with a file that includes the generated links. 

Note: To easily find the email, you can search for the subject line, “Download Your Address Confirmation Link(s)”.


The link will take the recipient straight to the landing page, where they can choose to confirm the existing address or update it.



Retrieving Address Confirmation Links

In addition to the email you will receive, you are able to retrieve your address confirmations for any sends from your Analytics tab. Simply download the CSV and search for the columns "Address Confirmation Link", and "Address Confirmation Expiration Date" to see any historic links and the expiration dates/times.

Note that all of the expiration dates/times are reflected in Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

No Address Required Confirmation

You can use the address confirmation workflow without having an initial address as well for the Phoenix and Dublin warehouses.  This feature now supports international addresses! The flow will be the same as the current address confirmation settings, but you will choose 'I Don't Have Recipient's Address' instead. 


Don't forget to enter all required fields and save your address confirmation settings before clicking 'Send.'

Note: This feature is not currently supported for triggered sends, but that functionality will be rolled out soon!

What if I don't have the recipient's address?

For Sends from the Phoneix and Dublin warehouses, you can choose the I Don't Have Recipient's Address option mentioned above. This will allow you to submit the Send without an address and we’ll take care of collecting that information through the Address Confirmation email.

However, all Sends from the UK, Canada, and US-Beverage warehouses will require you to provide the recipient's address. Our system will also default to sending the Address Confirmation email for Sends from those warehouses.

Additionally, Sends from the warehouse in Australia will require the recipient's address in order to process the Send. At this time, enabling Address Confirmation for Sends from that warehouse is not available.


Our paramount concern is to protect you and your customers. Here are some ways that we are securing your data:

Data in transit - All of the data captured through our integrations and Chrome extension are encrypted using TLS 1.2 with SHA-256.

Data at rest - Sendoso uses Amazon RDS for cloud-hosted MySQL. We’ll use AES-256 encryption.

Additional resources below:

  • Encryption at Rest in AWS docs here.
  • AWS KMS concepts here, cryptographic details here
  • How KMS can be used to encrypt data at rest in a MySQL RDS instance here


Q: What types of sends can I enable this feature for?

A: This is enabled for any physical inventoried and Sendoso Direct sends for both single recipient, bulk CSV sends, and triggered sends. 



Q: What channels/integrations is this available for?

A: This is available for our core platform (, our Salesforce extension, and Amazon sends, Salesforce Triggered Sends, Hubspot, Marketo, & Eloqua.

Q: Is this available for all of my warehouse sends?

A: This feature will work for any sends coming from all of our warehouses except for Ingleburn, Australia.

Q: Will the sender receive notifications?

A: Yes they will receive a notification if the recipient updates or doesn’t update their address.

Q: What notifications will the recipient get?

A: Once the sender initiates a send, the recipient will get an email notification that a package is coming their way with the option to change or confirm their address via a landing page. Once updated, they will see a “success” message on the landing page.

Q: How long will this delay shipment?

A: Up to two business days on top of normal processing times.

Q: Are there any limits on where the recipient can update the send to?

A: They cannot send to P.O. Boxes or a different country from the originally provided address.

Q: Will the sender get to see the updated address?

A: No, this address will only be used for the one order and doesn’t get exposed to the sender. We are doing this to protect the privacy of your customers. However, the sender does get an email saying the recipient updated their address.

Q: Will the sender get to edit the email sent to the recipient?

A: Not at this time.

Q: How many days will I be able to select before my offer expires?

A: You will be able to choose between 2-7 business days, this is calculated in Pacfiic Standard Time beginning at 9am PST.

Q: Will I need to enable reminder emails or will it go out automatically?

A: This will automatically be enabled for all address confirmation sends that utilize the option to send via email. If you would prefer to disable this feature, we are able to turn this off per customer request.

Q: Will a reminder email be sent if I generated a link?

A: No, a reminder email will not be sent for generated links.

Q: Is this available for triggered sends?

A: Yes, it is available for Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot.

Q: Who has access to this feature?

A: All senders on all inventoried touches. If you would like to turn it off for your account please reach out to your CSM and we can disable it for you.

Q: What is the process when using Address Confirmation for Amazon Sends? 

A: The same flow! Recipients will have two days to confirm their address.  When the address is confirmed, Sendoso will purchase the item and have it shipped to our warehouse to begin processing. This process can take a few days longer as the item has to be shipped from Amazon to our warehouse. 


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