How can I set up Sendoso Choice?

Sendoso Choice (eGift Only)

What is it?

Sendoso Choice enables you to customize the eGift experience by grouping 2 or 4 options from various categories, including Charity Choice. Let your recipient choose their favorite option from an interactive landing page. The email subject line, messaging, and landing page can be customized with your messaging and branding.  

Sendoso Choice is available through whatever sending method you prefer. You can send individually from the Chrome Extension through Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, and Hubspot or set up triggers through Salesforce, Eloqua, or Marketo! 


If you want to send to multiple users at the same time, you can do so by using the CSV bulk upload functionality within the Sendoso app.


Setting up the touch:

Here's a video walkthrough along with step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Select the Sendoso Choice touch offering when creating a new touch



Step 2: Select the number of eGifts you want to include in this offer



Step 3: Select the currency, amount, and specific eGift vouchers you want to include in this offer



Step 4: Fill in the touch details, and select send method



"Offer expires for the recipient in days" - This determines how long your offer is available for your recipient to redeem. 

"Limit & Notification" - This determines how many of these touches are available to your senders, for example.  This only applies to non-triggered sends


Step 5: Select your Salesforce (or Marketo) campaign for tracking


Note - You can also track which e-gift option was actually chosen by a recipient (both within Salesforce and Marketo, depending on your method of send)


Step 6: Customizing the landing page




Step 7: Editing the message


You can set a default subject line and message here for your touch. Alternatively, you can also choose to allow your senders to personalize and edit their subject lines/messages by checking the "Allow Sender to Customize Subject & Message" option.


Step 8: Finish your touch!


See it in action:


Best Practices / FAQs

What eGift options can I choose from? 

You will need to choose the eGift amount first and after you do, we will display all of the eGift options that are available under that denomination. 


Build your offer around a theme for the best results. Here are some ideas:

"The Pet lover" ($25) - 1-800-PetSupplies, Amazon.

"The All Arounder" - Charity choice ($5, $10, $15, $25), Uber ($15-$20), Starbucks ($10-20), Amazon ($5-$25).

"Sports Lover" or "Alumni Swag" ($10, $25)- Fanatics, Amazon.

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