Amazon Chrome Extension Experience

  • Updated

Check out our Amazon sending experience with a design revamp and new functionality that offers more transparency of the Amazon sending process.

Selecting Touches

Touches within budget will be the only touches to appear; if all available touches are out of budget, an error message will display. 



New Hub for all Send Details

View all of the send details in one place. See the item description, touch selected, recipient info, note and cost all within this hub. 


See a detailed breakdown of cost before you click Send


After clicking Send, View the Steps in the Amazon Sending Process 

You can preview each step in the sending process: 

  • Amazon is Processing
  • Amazon has shipped to Sendoso‚Äôs Sending Fulfillment Center
  • Delivered to Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center
  • Packaged up at Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center
  • Shipped from Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center
  • Delivered to recipient



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