Salesforce Campaign Best Practices

Please refer to the updated article regarding this process:

  1. Create a new campaign type in Salesforce and title it "Sendoso or Direct Mail" (you may also want an "eGift" campaign type)
  2. Create a new campaign for each touch that is created in Sendoso. Use "Sendoso" in the campaign naming convention.
  3. For every new direct mail campaign, create these member status values to map over during touch creation to reflect where each lead/contact is in the send journey:
    • For Physical orders


    • For eGift campaigns:


  1. Map these newly created Salesforce Campaign Member Statuses to the corresponding statuses in Sendoso on the "Tracking" page of touch creation ('Confirming Address' status is only available with triggered sends at this time):Screen_Shot_2020-07-27_at_6.51.48_PM.png
  2. Utilize the "Additional Salesforce Tracking" fields to map "Total $ Spent on Campaign" to the Campaign Object>Actual Cost in Campaign.  This helps with ROI tracking. 
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