Sendoso's Salesforce App Setup Guide

This app will allow users to use the Sendoso chrome extension within Salesforce. The app contains a button for classic page layouts and a component for lightning page layouts. Following are the steps to add this app to these two page layouts.


Install (Needs to be done by a SFDC Admin)

1. Ensure you are synced to Salesforce within your Sendoso account



2. Then go to this link to Install the App 

Decide who you'd like to have access by choosing Install for Admins Only, for All Users or for Specific Profiles. 




Setup must be done by a SFDC Admin

Lightning version

This is the same process for Lead Object or Contact Object.

1. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner and then click Service Setup


 2. Then go to Object Manager and Click on Contact object or Lead object (you will need to go through this setup twice if you'd like the app to appear in both objects)


3. Next choose Lightning Record Pages 


4. Create new lightning page by selecting New


5. Select Record Page


6. Name the Label and select your ObjectScreen_Shot_2019-10-14_at_11.24.52_AM.png

7. Select the layout, it is entirely your preference 


8. Scroll down to Custom Managed on the left nav bar until you see Sendoso

(Don't see Sendoso listed? You may need to register the domain, scroll down to "Register Domain" section of this document for setup details) 


9. Drag Sendoso to the "Add Component(s) Here screen.

If you are new to component builder, peruse the left nav bar for more components to add like Record Detail and Activities



10. Click Save and setup is done!


11. The app should appear like this when you go to a Contact or Lead page. (Reminder: You need to complete setup for both Contact and Lead separately)


12. When you click on the blue Sendoso button from the app, it should trigger the chrome extension where you can complete the process of selecting a touch and sending to the contact/lead. 




If the Sendoso app is not appearing in Step 8, please follow these steps created in this video by Salesforce to help you register the domain which should then enable the app to appear for you in Step 8. 
















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