Marketo Migration is moving to! In order to make sure things continue working, we will need to change the Sendoso link in your Marketo webhook/custom eGift link. 

eGift Instructions:

If you currently are using an eGift link in your Marketo setup to send out eGift cards, this will need to be updated to include in front of it.  For instance, if you currently send out a link like the below in templates or use a Sendoso link for tracking pixels:{{Lead.Email Address=Default}}

it will need to be changed to include:{{Lead.Email Address=Default}}

Webhook Instructions:

You currently have:

This will need to be updated to:

  • Start by logging into your Marketo account and clicking on Admin:


  • Click on Webhooks then edit Webhooks:


  • Locate the Sendoso Webhook and select edit. 
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