Salesforce Checklist - Troubleshooting Salesforce Errors

We've compiled a quick list of common errors and how to troubleshoot if you are experiencing any issues with your Salesforce Sync or a Triggered Salesforce touch.


Quick note: we sync activities every 20-30 minutes


Why Didn't My Activity Sync?

A few things to check if your activity didn't get synced to Salesforce


1. Are you synced to Salesforce?

You can navigate to this page to confirm, 

If you are synced, then you should see the green text, "Salesforce successfully synchronized". This process Oauth's your Salesforce account to Sendoso in order to allow us to post activities for you. 




These are the fields that we update within Salesforce:




If activities are not posting, then it's best to see if you have any Salesforce workflow rules preventing certain activities from getting added.



2. Are you sending it from

If you are initiating the send from, then you MUST add in the recipient's email address (as listed in Salesforce) in order for us to be able to sync it back to the contact/lead record in Salesforce.




Why Didn't Salesforce Triggered Touch Work?

Here are some common ways to troubleshoot your Salesforce triggered touch.

1. Check the error logs:

Users can log in into Sendoso then go to Integrations tab to check error logs. Here they can see reason codes for failed sends and manually retry the failed sends.




Some common failure reasons decoded: 

  • Salesforce time out
  • Salesforce Server is down
  • Inventory is less than order
  • Incorrect mailing information (Missing Street, City, State, ETC)
  • Payment issue

ACTION: User can retry any of these failures in the Salesforce error logs and Sendoso will fetch information again and will retry to send to those recipients.


What to do when the failure does not appear here in the Error Logs:

Send in a ticket to and we can look into it. 



Other Common Errors:

If salesforce status wasn’t synced then first check how the gift was sent 

  • If through CSV check that the Contact/Lead ID is right

  • If gift was sent through any other type then check type user. Sendoso only entertains the Contact and Lead users and there have been many cases where gift was sent to Account and Sendoso isn't able to sync that.

  • Check-in Analytics that the Salesforce activity is synced and status is updated

  • Check the integration page and Sync error logs

    • If there is any error of limit exceed or bulk request you can retry

    • If there is permission error you can’t retry unless you fix the api permission (may need to contact engineering at this point)

    • If status wasn't updated go check the tracking page that status has been mapped correctly because Sendoso doesn't send any blank mapped status
    • If salesforce activity wasn't created  go and check the activity setting is Yes for that specific status in tracking page
      • If Status wasn't updated correctly check in the contact record that Salesforce task has been created successfully against that status



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