Pardot eGift URL trigger and troubleshooting


  • Setup Process
  • Troubleshooting 

Setup Process

Click on Create New Touch or Edit Existing one



Select Touch type from eGifts for example its Coffee and press Next


Fill out Send Details as per your choice and press next


Fill out Touch Details as following:

  1. Fill out Touch Name
  2. Select 'Triggered sending based on Integration' from Touch Type dropdown
  3. Choose your funding source

Fill out remaining details if you choose to and scroll down and press Next


Select Salesforce Pardot and press Next.


The Url and email verification link will then populate as seen below. Press the copy Url button and go to Pardot and add this link in your email templates. Please note that if you are using a newer version of Pardot, you may receive an error advising you to use HML. In this case, please remove %%email%% from the link and replace it with {{email}}.

You may choose to enable email verification and use the alternate option(Copy Link) below the checkbox. Proceed by selecting next to the following step.Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_8.12.21_AM.png

If you'd like to sync to Salesforce you can do so in the Tracking section of the setup. In order to have the options populate as seen below, a Salesforce account must be synced to pull in the desired campaign needed.


The last step is to assign the teams that can use this touch.


Now go to Pardot

  • Create touch as described in first step of this guide
  • Copy link url using copy url button
  • Go to Salesforce Pardot instance where you have account registered with them and login


  • Add this url in your template




  • Send live email - recipients will receive email with encrypted URL
    • All recipients in list will then receive email with encrypted URL

  • Recipient of eGift can click on eGift link received in email and this should redirect them to the eGift page via Pardot server


  • Verify stats from Sendoso analytics page, this should look like following


If the following error 'Email is not verified' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  1. All Pardot emails containing the eGift link must be live and not test emails 
  2. Recipients must exist as contacts/leads with Pardot.
  3. Egift URL must be hyperlinked in the email template

If the following error 'Invalid URL!' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  1. Touch must be active.


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