How to delete Users, Touches, and Funding sources

Deleting Touches 

To delete a touch you’ll want to click on the Touches tab.

Select the three dots to the right of the touch you’d like to delete and then click Edit.


Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit page and then click on the three dots in the left-hand corner and select Delete.



Deleting Funding Sources

To delete a funding source you’ll click on the Account Balances tab. Under "Funding Sources", click on the trash can next to the source you’d like to delete. Select the source from the drop-down and then click on delete.

When you delete the funding source, you will get a prompt to reassign the unused balance to a new funding source along with any touches associated with that funding source.


You can always look up deleted funding sources in the "Archived Funding Sources" section


Deleting Users

To delete a user click on the Teams tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Team section. Click on the Delete button next to the team member you’d like to remove.


Upon pressing delete, you will be prompted to move all existing account balance to a new user or to a funding source. 


We will save all of the data from the deleted users and you can always re-activate a user from the "Trash" page in the team section.

*It is important to remember that you are unable to delete a user, touch or funding source if any orders are processing. Nor can a team be deleted until all users are removed from the team.*

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