HubSpot Marketing Automation Integration Setup Guide

In this integration you will be able to:

  • Create workflows that will automatically trigger Sendoso eGifts and physical gifts.
  • Track your sends through Sendoso Analytics and see when packages have been delivered for follow-up.

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  • Click on Create New Touch under Touches tab


  • Click on desired Touch from the Touch Type List. Here we are creating a Bundle Type Touch.



  • Select your Touch to be Triggered Sending Based on Integration and Click Next Step.  
  • Screen_Shot_2019-04-19_at_12.33.25_PM.png

  • Click on HubSpot Integration Button and Click Next


  • Click on 'Here' to Sync HubSpot. 
  • Select your HubSpot application to sync with the Touch.


  • Click on Copy URL and Use it for Webhook Callback on HubSpot Workflows. Click Next to proceed further.
  • Click on Revoke HubSpot to revoke the Synced Account or to add another HubSpot Account.


  • Now Map Address Fields to HubSpot Contact Property Attributes. We have gone ahead and pre-populated each field but if you'd like to change the field, click the drop down and select a different field. Every field is mandatory to select.
  • Click Next to proceed further.


  • Select Template and Sender Detail. Here is where you choose who you'd like to receive the package status updates. 
  • If Bundle has Multi Style Products select one.
  • Click Next to proceed further.




  • If you're sending a bundle with a printed or handwritten message then you can customize the message and insert custom HubSpot field variables:



  • Want to sync with Salesforce Campaign? You can set this up by selecting a campaign and mapping status fields. 
  • Click Next to finalize your Touch.


  • You Touch is now Setup successfully. Click Finish.



Now it's time to setup the Webhook in HubSpot! 

  • Login to your HubSpot Account.


  • You will see Dashboard of HubSpot, now click on Automation Tab  and select Workflows to create workflow.



  • Click on Create Workflow button to start.



  • Rename the Workflow Select the Contact Based type then click on Create Workflow.  



  • Setup the Trigger and add Action against trigger to activate Workflows.
  • First Click on Set Enrollment Triggers to set trigger.
  • Then select the trigger type Automatically then select the Contact Property as Trigger criteria.



  • Select specific Property and fill out the condition based criteria and mark it Done. 
  • Trigger setup is now complete 



  • Next click on the Add icon to add Action, and the side bar will appear. Search Webhook in the search bar and select Trigger Webhook.  


  • Enter the Webhook URL you copied from your touch setup in Sendoso. Then click on Use Request Signature, it's mandatory for authentication.
  • Add in Sendoso's App ID. Copy 188392 and paste into App ID field. 
  • Click Save
  • Action creation is completed and now it is time to activate this Workflow.


  • Currently Workflow is off, for activating we have to click on Review button and then turn it on.



  • Workflow setup is complete and webhook is now ready to be triggered! 
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