How To Create Your Own Product

Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know to start creating your own products in the system!

Video Walkthrough


Step One: Add New Product

Navigate to the Inventory tab and click Create New Products and select Physical Products



Step Two: Enter Product Details


  1. Product Name: First, you will need to name your product (Tip: be as specific as possible when naming your products, it will make it much easier for you to keep track of inventory if you know that "Sushi Case Study" is out of stock vs "White Paper 1". Please note that you have a limit of 30 characters.
  2. Select Warehouse: We will default to creating items for our main warehouse facility in Phoenix, AZ. If you want to send items to international warehouses, then please contact your CSM.
  3. Cost Per Item (Optional): For items that you send through the Sendoso warehouse, we will only charge you for Pick & Pack (assembly), Postage, handwritten notes and the cost of Packaging Materials. However, if you want to inflate the costs to the senders, then we can charge them an additional cost for sending one item over another. (Please reach out to your CSM for more info)
    1. Example: instead of charging $15 for shipping a Patagonia jacket, you inflate the price by $50 and that money gets refunded back to your funding source. 
  4. Packaging Material?: Please check this box if you are sending over materials that will be used specifically for packaging your boxes/bundles. 
  5. Product Image and Product Icon: This is what gets displayed to our warehouse for receiving purposes and for your end users. It's a great idea to include a photo so that your users can see a photo of what they are going to send. 


Step Three - Have Sendoso Source & Re-Stock This For You


Sendoso has a great team of project managers that you can utilize to source and restock your inventory. When you're creating a new product, you can decide whether or not you'd like Sendoso to take care of all the re-ordering for you in the future. All you need to do is check the "Have Sendoso Source This For You" option and enter in your ordering instructions.

  1. Number of Items to Order: How many items do you want Sendoso to initially source for you? 
  2. Confirmation Email: What email would you like us to coordinate the order with?
  3. Ordering Instructions: Depending on what you're ordering, you may have specific requests from us or the vendors. I.E. if you're ordering printed books, do you want to use saddle-stitched binding or perfect binding? Don't worry if you're not sure, you can leave it blank and our project managers will discuss it with you!
  4. Preapprove Sendoso to automatically reorder: You'll also have an option to include reorder instructions for when your inventory runs low.
    1. Low inventory threshold: When your inventory runs below this number, this will trigger the re-order request.
    2. Number of items to reorder: This is the number of items we will re-order for you when we meet the low inventory threshold.


Step Four: Success!


Once you click save, you're all set to start sending in your products to our warehouse. Here is a best practice guide on how to send in items.


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