Teams Page FAQ (Assigning touches and budgets)


The Teams page allows managers to keep track of their teams’ finances and capabilities.


This subsection of the Teams page lists out all of the company’s different teams that have been created on Sendoso. For each team, the user can add/edit members and delete the whole team. They can also view and edit the group’s settings, account balance, and salesforce settings:

This subsection allows users to create a new group as well:

Users can also filter out groups by searching for users in them by their email or first name.


If you want to set more granular rules about how and when users can send via Sendoso or other integrations, you can configure that in the Group Settings.

1. To update this setting click on the Teams tab or click here.

2. Click on the Group Settings button.





Invite Users to Groups

In this subsection, users can add other users directly to existing groups with their email. If the user wants to add a large amount of other users to the same group, they can simply generate an invite key or upload a CSV file with the new users’ information instead of adding them one by one.

For added security, users can also have Sendoso validate that all new user signups have the same email domain as the user who invites them.

* Invites will stay active for 24 hours, after that you will have to navigate to the teams page and re-send the invite link *

Here's a step by step video walkthrough

Assign Groups to Touches

Here, users will be able to assign individual groups to individual touches as well as see which individual groups are already assigned to which individual touches.

The touches displayed defaults to all touches but can be filtered by their status, which is any of the following:

  • Active
  • Scheduled
  • Completed
  • Paused - NO INVENTORY


Set Group Limits

This subsection of the Teams page is split into two sections: Monthly Budget and One-Time Budget.

  • If set to Monthly Budget, users can assign a Monthly Budget Limit that will apply to each individual member on the team. They can also set the budget rules for their teams, which is a choice between letting the user’s unused balance roll over to the next month or resetting the balance to match the established monthly budget every month.
  • If set to One-Time Budget, users can add an account balance to each member of their teams. Unlike Monthly Budget, these account balances will not refill until someone with manager access assigns money to the different teams manually.


Team Account Balances

The Team Account Balances subsection allows the user to hone in on members of specific teams and add or remove money to their accounts. This differs from the Set Group Limits subsection because Set Group Limits does not allow for variability in team members’ budgets, whereas Team Account Balances does.



The Team subsection lists out all members in the company who have a Sendoso account by their email, name, status, and role. It gives the user the ability to change roles, for instance, from regular user to manager, and it also gives the user the ability to delete team members from the platform altogether.

Users can filter out names by group as well as email and first name.

All of the information above about team members’ data can be put into a CSV file and sent over to the user via email if they click “Download to CSV.”


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