Getting Started (Manager Users)

Welcome to the Getting Started Guide for Manager Users. This guide will walk you through all the necessary components to get your instance of Sendoso up and running in no time!


1. Integrations

First things first: Integrations. Click the   page to select the integrations to sync with your Sendoso Account.


Click here for a Salesforce integration walkthrough. 


2. Fund your account

Sendoso uses a term called "Account Balance" to fund the sends for your team. Account Balance can be populated via one or multiple Funding Sources. Funding Sources can be assigned to teams so that members of these teams will pull from the funding source in order to populate their individual Account Balance. 

First, we'll need to add a new Funding Source. Click the  to add a new Funding Source. 

Input a name for the Funding Source, i.e. "Marketing Budget", and Type (Invoice or Credit card). Lastly, enter the required information and then add an amount in the "Add One Time" input. 

Click Save



You will now see you have $1000 (or however much you input) towards Unused Balance and ready to be allocated towards users


3. Creating Teams and inviting users

First, Click the  page to get started. Groups can have different sends assigned to different groups, different Account Balance budget per month per user, and different users per group. 

At the top of the page, create a Group Image_2018-08-20_at_9.28.08_AM.png


Once the group is created, select the Funding Source you previously created in step #2 Image_2018-08-20_at_9.28.15_AM.png

Now, you can add yourself to the group and invite additional users Image_2018-08-20_at_9.28.27_AM.png

Second, you can assign Account Balance per user in each different Group. Click "Save/Update" to fund the Account Balance of users. 



4. Creating a Touch

A "Touch" is the settings, limits, and tracking setup for a send in Sendoso. 

Click the  page. On this page, you can create a Touch, sync a Swag Store (Shopify or Magento), view Inventory, and Ship Inventory to our warehouses

First, click on the 

Select the touch from a variety of options and complete the steps in order to create a Touch. (Note: any physical items must be sent to our warehouse prior to creating the touch. How to)

For a detailed walk though on how to create a Touch, click here

5. Send your first gift!

Click the  page, or send from any of our integrations. Select the Touch you would like to send.

For Physical Items, enter the mailing address and a note for the handwritten note.

For eGifts, enter in the recipients email address and a note to accompany the eGift. 


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