Eloqua AppCloud Setup

Sendoso and Eloqua are fully integrated so you can seamlessly trigger direct mail, handwritten notes, company swag, gift cards, eGifts, cupcakes and more - all from within Eloqua.

To get started, install the Eloqua App Cloud app here.

Then, login to Sendoso, and navigate to the Touches page and select create a new Touch:


Next, select the Touch type you want to trigger and then set that Touch Type to "Triggered sending based on Integration" and select funding source:Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_9.12.34_AM.png

Then select Eloqua:


Then sync Eloqua:


This will ask you to Login to Eloqua and Accept Sendoso's Eloqua AppCloud:


Now Sendoso has successfully been added to your Eloqua, map the required fields:


If your eGift has a custom message or your Touch has a handwritten note or printed-on-demand note, then select 'Edit template with custom message'.  


You may choose to configure the message and custom Eloqua variables:



After you need to select who should receive notifications and click Next to finish:


Lastly, there is the ability to push this activity to a Salesforce campaign.


Once you finished setup in Sendoso it's now time to log in to Eloqua to complete the setup.

After you've decided which Program or Campaign you want to integrate into Sendoso you'll notice the Sendoso Action Step at the bottom on the canvas:


Drag the Sendoso Action Step onto the canvas anywhere you want:


Then click on the Sendoso Action to configure it, and click on the pencil edit icon:


Lastly, select the Sendoso Touch you created in the first part of this setup guide from the Cloud Action Configuration dropdown. And that's it!


Now whenever the Sendoso Action step is triggered the Touch will be sent.

To track shipped/delivery notification you can review the Analytics section of Sendoso or wait for the email notifications.



If you have any questions, reach out to us via our Help Center and we can personally help you get all setup. 



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