Templates FAQs (Custom Salesforce fields in Templates)

You can create individualized and team templates for all of your touches to make sure that your messaging and branding are all aligned. These templates work for all types of sending options including handwritten notes, printed-on-demand collateral, Post-It notes, printed notecards, and eGifts.


To get started, please make sure you have at least one touch that you want to connect to your template. (Every template can only be associated with one touch.)


Step One: To get started, navigate to the templates tab:


Step Two: You will need to "Create New" template and select the associated touch that you want to create the template for. When you name it, you'll have a 30 character limit. Please note that you will not be able to create a template for a single-item touch.






Side Note: if you want to include a banner for your eGift send, you can upload a 620px by 86px banner. Here's a GIF of how it works!



Step Three: Once you've selected the touch, you can start drafting up your message! By default, all templates are shared with the team unless you check the "Private Template" option. 



Step Four (Optional): You can also set up dynamic variables from Salesforce, pulling from your own Salesforce instance (Make sure you are synced to Salesforce beforehand!). Click "Insert Salesforce Field" to get started.




You can copy the <<salesforce-field>> and paste it to your template, below is an example of what a finished template may look like:





Step Five: Once you save the template, Senders will be able access the public templates and can click on the template drop-down when they go to send:






Then they can click on the "Preview Salesforce Fields" button:






And then the Template will be fully populated with the fields from Salesforce.






If you have any questions, let your CSM know and they can help!

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