Wine & Champagne FAQ

This is a quick guide to the ins and outs of one of Sendoso's most popular send options, wine and champagne!

We work with different vendors to keep select wine and champagne options in stock and to allow our users to send on demand! You can rest easy knowing that all wine shipments are always packaged in special shell packaging to protect your shipments from getting damaged in transit.


Setting up the touch -

1. Login to your Sendoso account and navigate to the Touches page (Manager users only) and click on the Create New Touch option to get started.


2. Scroll towards the bottom (under the Sendoso Direct section) and select the "Wine/Champagne" option


3. Next, you can select from all of our available wines and champagnes (displayed on the left hand side). When you check off one of the options, they get moved over to the right hand column, and these are the options that get displayed to your users!

In addition, you can choose to include a handwritten note by checking the box "Include Note Card"


4. You also have the capability to include additional products in the bundle!

*These products must be inventoried in our Union City warehouse. Please contact if you wish to move some of your inventory to this warehouse



5. Once you complete the rest of the touch set up, your users will be able to start sending these wines and champagnes!



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