How do I send Visa eGift Credit Card Offers?

Sendoso gives you the option to send these Visa eGift Credit Cards offers in the US and Canada. These can be sent 1-to-1, in bulk, or via one of our many integrations. 

To set up a new Visa eGift Credit Card Touch, click on the Touches tab and select Sendoso Choice:


On the next page, we recommend that you search "Visa" in the search bar at the top to locate the Visa eGift. Then, you can either allow the sender to pick the eGift amount, or set the amount here.


After completing the setup, users can now send Visa eGift Credit Cards offers.


In order for the recipient to access the card details and any transaction information available, they can click the redemption link. 

PLEASE NOTE: When clicking the redemption link, they will receive a pop-up message stating a Verification Code will be emailed to the email address that is on file with the Visa vendor and they will be prompted to follow the steps below. 

1. DO NOT close the window asking them to enter the Verification Code

2. Access your email either in a brand new window or from a different device (computer, laptop, smartphone)

3. Obtain the Verification Code sent and return to the original window to enter the code

4. From there they will be able to access their card information to make purchases and view their balance/transaction history

If they are still unable to access their card information after following these steps, they can contact the Prepaid Digital Solutions Support team at or by phone at 877-325-8444 (USD & CAD) Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST. 


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