Inventoried Send Pricing FAQs

What counts as an “item” in a send?

All individual items are counted in a send, except for handwritten notes, crinkle paper, and standard packaging. Standard packaging includes kraft brown shipping boxes, poly mailers, bubble mailers, and packaging tape.

See below for a few examples.

  • If you sent three mugs, a handwritten note, and a custom box, Sendoso would count that as four items total.
  • If you sent one shirt, one candle, and three notebooks, and used a standard box, we would count that as five items total.
  • If you sent three books, a bag of coffee, used a standard box, and included crinkle paper, we would count that as four items total.

What are the rates I can expect for sending?

In order to calculate your shipping and handling costs, select the appropriate rate below + $7.00 pick and pack.


What is the definition of international vs. domestic shipping?

Sendoso defines “domestic shipping” as any send that is sent to a destination in the same country as the warehouse of origin. We define “international shipping” as a package that is sent to a destination outside the country of warehouse origin.

For example, if you sent inventory based in Dublin, Ireland, to Germany, it would be considered international shipping. If you sent a package from our Phoenix warehouse to Texas, it would be considered domestic shipping.

Why are international rates so much higher than your domestic rates?

International sends are more expensive than domestic sends for several reasons, including fuel costs due to farther distances, duties, customs fees, DTP, VAT, disbursement fees, and residential fees. When you combine all these costs, it’s clear that international shipping is more costly.

One way to reduce these costs is to leverage our global warehouse network so you can avoid some of these surcharges and fees.

How did Sendoso define these rates?

Sendoso analyzed every customer send that originated in one of our global warehouses over the past 18 months. These rates reflect the average shipping and handling costs across all customers around the world.

Will these rates change over time?

Yes. Sendoso will periodically re-run this analysis to ensure we are providing the most competitive rates in the industry to our customers.

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