How to create and send eGift Offers

Sending eGift offers is a great instant gifting option. You can send an eGift offer for coffee, lunch, wine, tickets, or experiences which lets the recipient decide which eGift offer to choose from within the category they want, or you can send them a specific eGift offer. Sendoso offers over 200+ options from Starbucks to Chipotle to Amazon and many others. 


This article will go through:

1. How to create an eGift

2. How to create an eGift template

3. How to send an eGift (via email)

4. How to generate an eGift link

5. eGift FAQs


Here's how to create an eGift touch


How to create an eGift template

You can send eGift offers immediately without templates, but templates help you add a bit of branding with the ability to add your own banner image. In addition, this will help your senders remember the right message to send in any situation.


First, navigate to the templates section:


Next, you'll select the touch you want to associate this template with.


When creating a template you can:
1) Upload a graphic header image to customize the branding. (Image must be 620px by 86px)
2) Make it private or available to your Sendoso team/colleagues.
3) See a Live Preview.


After you hit the save button, you are ready to start using it in your email outreach!


How to send an eGift (via email) 

Once your touch is set up, your new egift touch should be available to send in the "Send" section of Sendoso.


To send via email, you need to select "To a single Email address"


After pressing "Send", the recipient will get an email that looks like this:



(Note - the Sendoso image can be replaced with your own company logo or custom image when creating your template.)


Once they select the egift voucher they want, they receive one last email with their voucher code:





How to generate an eGift link

An alternative to sending an egift via email is that you can generate eGift offer links for any gift card that can be copy/pasted and use within your own emails, social media, printed collateral, or anything else.

Please note, you will still be required to either provide a recipient email or recipient phone number to create a unique link and for tracking purposes.


Step One: Touch Set-Up 

To enable the ability to generate eGift links, you need to make sure that your touch is set up to "Allow Sender to Choose":


Send Option #1: Generating the link from Salesforce

You can generate links for any contact or lead within Salesforce. Simply click on the Sendoso button in Salesforce and select the eGift to send:




Then click on "Generate eGift links to download" in the drop-down:


It will then display the eGift link for you to copy/paste and send:


It will also automatically add an Activity and add to a pre-specified Salesforce Campaign:




Send Option #2: Generating eGift links from within the Sendoso app


You will need to decide whether you just need one link or multiple links. If you only need one, then select "Single Email" and enter in the recipient's email that you want to associate with this egift link. This recipient email will also be used to track information back to your CRM. 

Important notes on generated links:

- This egift link should only be sent to someone who has access to the recipient email entered. This is the only way that they will be able to receive the eGift voucher once they selected their desired egift.

- Entering a recipient email here will NOT email the recipient, you will still need to send them this link in your own outreach.




Similarly, if you want to generate multiple eGift cards at once, you will need to upload a CSV list of the emails that you want to be associated with these eGifts.



We only require that a recipient email OR phone number is input to create the unique link:


Once the file is ready, you'll just upload the CSV and receive the file with your links and the associated recipient email/phone number.



Not sure what the recipient's email is? No problem, if you enter your own email (the one associated with your Sendoso license) then you can generate a link and have the recipient fill in their email details.



eGift FAQs


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the statuses that are related to eGift sends.

  • Sent: When an eGift is Sent. This is immediately after you click on the Send button.
  • Opened: When an eGift email is viewed. 
  • Clicked: When an eGift link is clicked and then the eGift redemption page is displayed.
  • Used: When an eGift voucher is selected and the voucher code is displayed to the recipient for use. This does not indicate when the user actually used the eGift, only that they generated the code.
  • Bounced and Credited: If an eGift is sent to a bad email address we credit the send immediately. 
  • Expired and Credited: After 21 days if the eGift is still in Sent status and has not yet been Opened then we will issue a credit back to the sender's account. 


Flow chart of the expected outcomes:




What happens if my email bounces?

If an email bounces, the link expires and we will credit the money back to the original payment account.


If an offer for an eGift expires, can the recipient still redeem it after 21 days?

An egift will automatically move to “Expired and Credited” if the offer is still in a “Sent” status after 21 days. However, if there has been any interaction with the egift (Opened, Clicked, Used) then the offer will never expire and the recipient will be able to redeem their offer any time in the future.



Can you cancel an eGift offer?

Unfortunately, you can't cancel an eGift offer once it has been sent.




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