How do I create an eGift Offer?

Sending eGift offers through Sendoso Choice is a great instant gifting option. You can send an eGift offer for coffee, lunch, wine, tickets, or experiences which lets the recipient decide which eGift offer to choose from within the category they want. Sendoso offers over 200+ options from Starbucks to Chipotle to Amazon and many others.

To get started with creating a Sendoso Choice eGift offer, head over to the Touches page from your Sendoso Dashboard. 

From there, select + Create New Touch.

In order to create an eGift offer, you will select Sendoso Choice under the US and International eGifts section.


Select the currency of the eGift and the eGift Amount. Then search for a single eGift to send or give your recipient the option to select an eGift from a few options! You can select up to 30 options.


The next step will allow you to fill out the Touch details. You will need to give the Touch a name, start date, time zone and choose how long the offer will stay valid. There are also optional settings depending on whether you'd like to use an integration to automate this Touch.


You'll also be asked to select where funds for the Touch should come from a Funding Source or the Sender's Balance. If you choose Funding Source, you'll be prompted to select one.

Here you can also assign the Touch to specific teams and set limits on how many times a Sender can send this Touch.


The next step is selecting your Sending Preferences. You can select whether you'd like for the Sender to send it via a shareable link or through a Sendoso-generated email. You can also allow the Sender to decide!


Once you made your selection, click Create at the bottom and your Senders will have access to this eGift Touch!

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