How to create a Ship Notice and ship items to Sendoso's warehouse

Summary -

Whenever you want to send something to one of the Sendoso warehouses, you will need to create a "Ship Notice". Our warehouse receives hundreds of packages a day, so having a unique ship notice number on your shipping label is crucial for timely receiving of your items. 

You will need a unique ship notice for EVERY shipment you send into our warehouse, please do not use the same ship notice numbers more than once. To get started, you will need to have Sendoso Manager access.

Note - If you do not already have products listed here, you will need to reach out to your customer success manager to create the products for you.


Here's a video of the entire process.


Step One -

Log in and click on the Inventory Tab, this view will give you a comprehensive view of all the products you have across our warehouses. You can use the Warehouse filter to narrow down the view to a specific warehouse location.



Step Two - 

Click on the +Add Inventory button to get started with creating a shipping notice.

Select the items that you are planning on sending over, how many items, and the image for that product. If you are sending multiple items in the same shipment, then you can click on the "Add new item to this shipment" to include the additional items.



Quick note on product images:

  • If a photo is already associated with an item, that photo will appear in a small icon for review
  • Managers can choose to re-upload a different photo if they desire
  • If there is no photo associated with an item, then we will require a photo to be submitted before creating the shipping notice 

If you do not see your item listed that you want to send us please contact your Customer Success Manager or email


Last Step -

Once you click "Create Ship Notice" you'll get a pop-up with the relevant warehouse information and your unique ship notice number.

Make sure that you include the SN # on your shipping label so we can track and inventory your items quickly when they arrive in the warehouse.

** Please note that shipments sent without ship notices could take upwards of 2 weeks to get inventoried **


Best Practices:

Include the ShipNotice # on the shipping label:


Include the ShipNotice # on the box:


Include the Item Name, SKU, and Quantity inside the box. If you are shipping multiple items together in the same box then use a plastic bag or separator to indicate which items are which.




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