Direct Mail FAQs

Question: What type of paper does Sendoso print on?

Answer: 110 lb / 14pt paper weight. 


Question: Does Sendoso offer coating?

Answer: Yes, you can choose from premium gloss or matte Postal Protect laminate coating, designed to ensure your cards arrive in pristine condition.


Question: Where can I find Sendoso templates?

Answer: Click here


Question: Does Sendoso offer front and back, full-color printing?

Answer: Yes


Question: What direct mail options does Sendoso recommend?


Postcards - 4.25" X 6" (Domestic - $1.07) (Int'l - $1.55)
Postcards - 5.5" X 11.5" (Domestic - $1.89) (Int'l - $2.37)
Folded Cards – 5.5” X 8.5"(Domestic - $1.59) (Int'l - $2.07)
Cards in Envelopes – 5.5” X 8.5”(Domestic - $1.52) (Int'l - $2.00)
Brochures Trifold – 8.5” X 11”(Domestic - $2.04) (Int'l - $2.52)

Question: Does Sendoso offer variable data (i.e. first name, company, etc)?

Answer: Yes, These can be uploaded via CSV, dynamically inserted via Salesforce, or entered manually. 


Question: How long does it take Sendoso to print and mail the direct mailers?

Answer: Same day or next day printed and mailed guaranteed.


Question: What are the minimum order amounts?

Answer: There are no minimums.


Question: Does Sendoso offer sustainable or green printing options?

Answer: Yes, all paper is SFI certified. 


Question: Does Sendoso offer international direct mail?

Answer: Yes, Sendoso can mail anywhere in the world. International postage rates apply when mailing outside the USA.


Question: Whose return address is used on the direct mailer?

Answer: Yours. You can incorporate your return address into the artwork or leave it off. Return addresses are not required.


Why is my order taking so long? (For Sendoso Direct)

These orders are placed by our project manager, Paige Schall and we will usually loop her in if it has anything to do with a Sendoso Direct order. These can vary in shipping and delivery times depending on the vendor we use.


Can I cancel an order? Can I change my handwritten note? Can I update an address for my order?

The answer to all three of these is, yes we can as long as the order is still in processing. Once an order moves over to “Shipped” then it is too late to change it.








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