What is a Touch and how do I create one?

A Touch is a configured Send available for Senders within your Sendoso account. Once you set up a Touch, your Senders will be able to initiate Sends to recipients from their end of the platform. Only Admin and Manager Sendoso users can create Touches.

Note: any physical items must be sent to one of our Sending Fulfillment Centers prior to creating the Touch. Here's a best practice guide on how to send items to our Sending Fulfillment Centers.

Touches can be manual or triggered. Manual Touches need to be physically initiated by a Sender. Triggered Touches are set up through one of our many integrations and do not require a Sender to initiate the Send.

For more information on our integrations, click here. However, we recommend reviewing these articles first to get a general sense of the Touch creation process, and then moving on to review the integrations articles.

First, you'll need to log in and navigate to the Touches tab and click on the + Create New Touch option.


We’re going to go through different types of Touches to show you how to set them up. If you already know which type you’d like to set up, click the link of the type of Touch below to jump to that specific article.

Types of Touches:

  1. Sendoso Choice: eGifts sends
  2. Sendoso Direct: Products from select vendors
  3. Inventoried: Products that you’ve sent to one of our warehouses - BYO Box or a Single Item
  4. Amazon: Products from Amazon

For additional training on creating Touches, check out these Sendoso University courses and this webinar

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