How to Create Teams and Invite Users

To get started, click on the Teams tab or click here.


Creating Groups enables you to assign certain Touches to specific Groups, set Group limits, and see reporting based on Groups.

To create a Group, enter in the Group Name. Create as many Groups as you'd like.



To add users to a Group, click on Add/Edit Members. Users can only belong to one Group.


You can invite users to Groups in three different ways. To get started, select the Group first.


There are two types of users on Sendoso, Regular or Manager.

Regular Users - these users only have access to send and to see their own analytics. They cannot see the Teams or Touches tabs.

Manager Users - these users have access to the Teams, the Touches, and all Analytics. They also have access to Buy More account balance, view/update billing information, and see invoices.

Here's how you invite users:

You can automatically invite and manage users based off of Salesforce User data such as Profile or Role. Click here for more information. 

To invite users manually...

1) Enter in their email address, the user will get an email with a link to activate their account.

2) Share your Team URL. This is perfect for large teams and you can share your Team URL via email, Slack message, etc.

3) Download the Users CSV Template, and complete the CSV with users name, email, Group, etc. Then once you upload the CSV all users will get an email with a link to activate their account.

Tip: when inviting users you can select if they will be a Regular user or a Manager user. If you need to go back and update a Regular user to a Manager role, go the to Team section and click on Change Role.


You will need to Assign Groups to Touches in order for that Touch to be active for users in that Group. You can assign the same Touch to one Group or multiple Groups or all Groups.






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